Amplify Your Holdings Part 3

Posted by Elliot Jolesch on June 11, 2018

Our last lesson covered three ways to amplify your holdings through:

  • Explore your business’ conscience
  • Enticing wheeling and dealing
  • Stand out from the crowd

In this lesson, we’ll cover another three topics that you can embrace to get the most out of your resources. They include:

  • Getting them to say yes
  • Supersize it
  • Don’t be a lemming

Getting Them To Say Yes

The movie, The Godfather, offers one of the best tidbits of advice in getting your clients to say yes in giving them an offer that they can’t refuse. This thought process can be the secret to your success in gaining a competitive edge to your competition. You need to open the way for them to say yes rather than no. This concept means that you need to eliminate any roadblocks they may have to say yes, such as financial, emotional, physical or psychological blocks.

One of the easiest ways to do this for your clients is by reducing the risks. Give them guarantees or warranties that can help build their confidence in you, your company, and what you have to offer them. This tip means that you have to stand by any warranties or guarantees your place on the service you provide. Not doing so can be the end of your business.

Supersize It

Fast food franchises know how to get you with add-ons and upgrades when they ask you if you want fries with your burger or if you want your meal in a bigger size. It makes sense for them to do it because it garners more sales, and the worse that can happen is that the consumer says no. Whenever you sell your service or product, ask whether they could use an add-on or upgrade to go along with it. Adding a complementary product to the one sold that has a value the client can see can increase your sales.

Don’t Be A Lemming

You also don’t want to be a lemming and jump off the cliff. You want to avoid the edge of the cliff by continuing to monitor all aspects of your business. Problems in product, systems, and even marketing can result in issues that can derail your progress. Keeping an eye on how your business runs to see an issue before it becomes an issue is beneficial.

Areas that may need improvements include:

  • Your customer service policies and procedures
  • You may want to explore how your employees interact with your customers
  • Your marketing efforts
  • Your sales copy may need polished or updated
  • You may need to change up your sales letters and presentations

You can test these different areas to help you identify how you can improve your business. You may find that you can raise the prices on some of your services, lower it on others, create incentives, or other improvements that can help you to amplify your holdings better.

This final lesson completes the different tips on how you’re able to amplify your holdings to improve your business. Are you finding that you could use some additional support? Contact us today about how services can improve the way you run your business.