Don’t Stop Now, Pick Up Speed

Posted by Elliot Jolesch on April 15, 2018

Previously, we discussed gearing up for the big first meeting, and it can seem for some people, that means it’s okay to stop pushing on the accelerator that the hard part is over. While it’s true that getting the first impression over with can help to break down potential barriers, it’s not time to stop or slow down. You want to pick up speed. This speeding up is all about building and nurturing the relationships you’re building with your champion.

You want them to be your biggest cheerleader not only in the meeting but beyond. You’ll want to show them appreciation to keep your partnership profitable with your champion by keeping them loyal to you.

You can accomplish this in a few ways.

  • Don’t take up all the limelight. Let them take credit for their accomplishments in getting the deal signed. Give them a chance to thank their team and company with new services and products.
  • Help them to be connected emotionally to your brand.
  • Find ways to make them happy.
  • Be vigilant for when something needs to be addressed right away.
  • Have the foresight to know when they need to be left alone.

Each of these techniques can help you in building that rapport which can lead to a solid working relationship. It’s important to continue networking with a company as more alliances can help you to bring in more clients. Word of mouth referrals can make your business. You can often build more relationships by having something to offer in exchange.

Things you have to offer include:

  • Authority
  • Data
  • Improved experience at work

Each of these offerings can help to build more alliances. When determining if a new champion is right for you and your business, you should determine what beyond the money they have to offer your company.

What to look for includes:

  • The ability to help your business grow
  • The ability to gain more experience and the opportunity to learn about growing your business
  • The ability to advance the way that you currently do business or your systems and processes

Following these tips can help you to build a powerful and useful network while keeping your partnership vital and current.

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