Power-Up Your Amplification Part 1

Posted by Elliot Jolesch on June 12, 2018

In the previous series of lessons, we went over how to amplify your current holdings, and in this next series of lessons, we’ll help you to go even bigger. Learn more about how you can power-up your amplification efforts.

This topic will be a four-part lesson, and in today’s lesson, we’ll cover these subjects:

  • Partner Up
  • Create a Referral System That Works
  • Gather Up the Stray Sheep

Partner Up

One of the most vital parts of your business is bringing in new paying clients, and this is often one of the most laborious and most expensive tasks for your business. There’s a way that you can help to reduce the strain on your business, and that’s by partnering up. It can be beneficial to work with other trustworthy companies to create positive relationships with their clients. It’s essential that this business isn’t a competitor.

You’ll want to find prospects among your partner companies that you can talk with about creating an arrangement where you can promote your service or product to their clients. Commissions on the sales you gain from their client list is an excellent incentive.

When suggesting this type of arrangement, there are a few points that you’ll want to include in your proposal:

  • Specify how your services or products won’t compete with what they offer.
  • Explain how this relationship won’t impact their sales, now and into the future.
  • Show how this relationship can help to increase their profits.
  • Assure them that they won’t have to spend any money on this relationship.
  • Let them know that you’ll be creating all of the marketing materials to be used.
  • In addition, make sure that they are aware of the guarantee that you offer on your services or products to give them the same peace of mind as the clients that sign with you through this partnership.

Create a Referral System That Works

The next consideration is creating a referral system that will help to bring in new clients utilizing your current network. All of the people that you know are potential marketing opportunities because they know others that could use your service or product. To get started, you’ll want to demonstrate why your company should always be the first choice by showing how much you care for them.

Then, you’re able to show them how your company can improve their life or their own business by providing top-notch service to them. Acting in a consistent manner, you’ll find more clients coming your way through word of mouth.

Gather Up the Stray Sheep

You’ll also want to gather up your stray sheep. All those customers that haven’t purchased from you in a while are a great way to rejuvenate your sales. It’s important to figure out where things went wrong in their eyes, and help bring them back to the fold.

There are a few typical reasons for why a client stops using your service. They include:

  • A personal cause that has nothing to do with your business
  • An issue that came up with their past relationship, such as a problem with a previous purchase
  • They no longer see a benefit from using your service or product

The easiest and best way to start bringing these sheep back into the fold is to contact them. Open up a line of communication. Not contacting them means that they’ll continue to avoid your company, but making an effort to get in touch can show you care about their business. Make an appointment or pick up the phone.

Be open and honest with your clients that stray. Talk to them about how you noticed they haven’t placed an order or used your service for a while. Let them know that you’d like to talk about their experiences, and how you could improve things to bring them back on board. You want to make them feel special, and that you fully intend to address what happened if something did going forward.

All of this information in today’s lesson will help you to power-up your current holdings. Need some help with any of these topics? Contact us today to learn more about how our services can assist you in moving forward.

We’ll continue this lesson in tomorrow’s blog with the next three topics.