Power-Up Your Amplification Part 3

Posted by Elliot Jolesch on June 26, 2018

We’ve been going over the different ways that you’re able to power-up your applications. In the past lessons, we’ve covered:

  • Partner Up
  • Create a Referral System That Works
  • Gather Up the Stray Sheep
  • Boost Your Sales Staff
  • Target the Big Fish
  • Radio in for Help

In today’s lesson, we’re going to tackle three more topics:

  • Blow-up Online
  • Be Bazaar Ready
  • Offer Up

Blow-Up Online

Some businesses only have an online presence. Some only have a brick-and-mortar presence. Some have both. Did you know that those that take advantage of both options are often more successful than those that just focus on one over the other? Getting online with your business has never been easier, and presents global opportunities.

There are a few keys that you need to keep in mind to blow-up online and successfully sell your products beyond your local community:

  • Have a product people want that’s a great quality
  • Build a website that’s designed with users in mind
  • Bring in traffic that’s motivated to buy at a low budget amount

Each of these will help you to blow-up your business using the Internet.

Be Bazaar Ready

As a business owner, bartering and negotiating are two skills you need to hone. Don’t be that person that pays the sticker price at a garage sale. This situation can be a perfect opportunity to negotiate and barter. Make bundle deals to get discounts. Talk to companies about exchanging services rather than money. You may be surprised at how much you can save your business by bartering and negotiate.

Offer Up

When a prospective client finds your company, you don’t know what of your services or products will meet their needs. They might not be sure either. That’s why it can be helpful to offer up. Offer them all the products and services you specialize in. This information can help you to create a tailor-made package that’s going to take care of all of their needs.

Taking some time to help these prospects to see what you have to offer can keep your company in their thoughts. It means that they may be more likely to call on your company to fill their needs when they’re ready. Even if they aren’t willing to purchase now, you can keep yourself in their mind. Some ways to accomplish this is by creating a free newsletter, a one-on-one session consultant, or another tool that provides value to the prospect.

That’s all for today’s lesson on how you can power-up your application In the next lesson, we’ll finish up with the final three ways. Are you starting to feel a bit overwhelmed with trying to get this implemented in your business or just don’t know where you should start? Contact us to learn about how our service can help your business.